A delicious solution

for better salud.

Sparkling prebiotic beverages

made with organic agave.

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the first agave-based beverage clinically proven to retain healthy gut bacteria.

Made with hand-harvested, organic agave. Harnessing the potential of a prehistoric prebiotic.

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it's all about that good gut feeling.

The gut is the body's second brain, impacting everything from digestion to the immune system and cognitive function. Our fermentable prebiotic fiber helps to support a healthy, happy gut so that you can live your #bestlife.

fiber: the superfood for more super salud

Fiber is about more than staying regular: it's an all-important part of the human diet. This incredible superfood promotes a flourishing intestine and improved holistic wellness.

a perfect pairing of prebiotics and botanicals

Mayawell is good for the gut and even better for the tastebuds. We pair essential prebiotic fiber with botanical flavors and extracts to serve up refreshing bebidas that are all but guaranteed to leave you saying "uno más!"

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